Protect the Safety of your Workers

Oysta Technology Ltd provides GPS and telemetry solutions to a wide range of industries, governments and law enforcement agencies. Oysta Technology specialise in designing and installing Lone Worker Protection, Telecare, Vehicle Safety and Monitoring systems for customers.

Pearl+ - A Lone Worker Protection & Telecare solution

The Pearl+ is the most powerful personal safety device available. Combining the latest GPS technology with widely available GSM standards. The Pearl+ is a quad band GSM device that can communicate via GPRS as well as SMS. The Pearl+ can be used with our Lone Worker Protection and Telecare services. 

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Emergency button

One push of the emergency button will contact a pre-defined number, as well as sending a message to the emergency centre.

Track and trace via GPS

Using the GPS functionality you can receive the location of your Pearl+ with an accuracy of up to 5 metres.

4 Pre-programmable buttons

Ability to program up to four speed dial numbers through the secure Oysta website, and a total of 20 controlled contacts.

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GSM Quadband

The Pearl+ is equipped with a Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900. This means that the device works all over the world.

Motion sensor

The Pearl+ is equipped with a motion sensor, which immediately alerts in case of a 'man down' situation.

Adjustable safety zones

You can set up to four safety zones that can provide either in or out zone ale

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