CCTV Security Camera Systems in Hamilton & across Waikato

Security cameras and CCTV surveillance lie at the heart of most electronic security systems.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing security cameras or starting from scratch, Watchu Security offers a complete end-to-end security solution for businesses and residential properties in Hamilton and across Waikato. This includes system design, product specification, video management and storage solutions, remote monitoring, and system integration.

There are many manufacturers to choose from, but our sound knowledge of the core technologies is invaluable in the assistance we provide our customers in selecting the right products, which can include:

  • Security Cameras – Digital, IP, HD-SDI and Analogue
  • Network Video Recording Hardware
  • IP Network Infrastructure
  • Servers
  • Analytics – People Counting, License Plate Recognition
  • Video Management System

Seamless CCTV Technology Solutions

Together with our security technology partners, Watchu Security combines these elements into a seamless video solution, and we’re constantly investigating other technology integrations which enable our clients to better underpin their security policies.

With bases nationwide, we can deliver CCTV solutions and systems for security cameras in Cambridge, Hamilton & across Waikato, Auckland, Christchurch – or anywhere else in New Zealand.

Watchu Security has a proven track record in delivering security cameras and CCTV solutions across all industry sectors, so if you’re looking for wireless security cameras for your home or surveillance camera for your business, contact us today for a chat.