Looking to protect your house over summer?
Crime on the rise in your area?

The Ajax Wireless Alarm System offers cutting-edge security, blending advanced tech with essential safety features. Beyond protection, it ensures peace of mind with real-time Wi-Fi alerts. A completely cable-free wireless system with app-based system control and alarm notifications. Quick for a technician to install, this system is perfect for both classic houses and new builds or renos.

The product includes the Hub, CombiProtect, DoorProtect, and StreetSiren, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

  • The Hub – Think of the Hub as the brain of the Ajax system. It keeps an eye on all Ajax devices, making sure everything’s working fine and letting you know if something’s up.
  • CombiProtect – This handy device does two jobs: it spots any movement in a room and listens out for the sound of breaking glass. So, whether someone’s sneaking around or trying to break a window, CombiProtect has got it covered.
  • DoorProtect – As its name suggests, DoorProtect adds protection to doors and windows. It’s super sensitive and will alert you to any doors or windows opening.
  • StreetSiren – If there’s a security breach, StreetSiren will make sure everyone knows about it, warning you and your neighbours, and scaring off any intruders.

The Ajax Wireless Alarm System, priced from $1850 +GST including installation by a Watchu technician, offers more than just alarms. When you choose Ajax, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in the safety of your home or business.

Contact the Watchu team to arrange your installation.