Automatic Security Gates

For Residential & Commercial Applications Across New Zealand

Watchu Security offer a range of automatic security gates, with both bespoke and off-the-shelf options for residential and commercial applications across New Zealand. These options include both Sliding gates and Cantilever gates, each with their own unique characteristics.

Within each type of security gate, we offer 3 styles: Defender, Deterrent and Protector

Defender security gate with spike top panel

Defender Security Gates

Our Watchu Security Defender gates feature a spike top panel for deterring break-ins with a clean style, and a powder-coated or galvanized finish.

Watchu Defender Security Gate
Spike top panel security cate
Defender Security Gate nz

Deterrent Security Gates

Our Watchu Security Deterrent gates feature chain link and barbed wire for cost-effective protection. Available in black or galvanized finish.

Watchu Deterrent Security gate
Barbed wire security gate nz
Deterrent Security gate nz

Protector Security Gates

Our Protector security gates feature a rod top panel for a clean and robust design. Powder-coated or galvanized finish.

Watchu Protector security gate
Rod top panel security gate
Protector security gate nz

How do Cantilever and Sliding gates differ?

Watchu Security supply Cantilever, Sliding and Swing gates – all available in our 3 styles above – Defender, Deterrent and Protector. Cantilever and Sliding gates are the best options for a commercial security gate. Our team will be able to tell you which type is right for your property after a quick site visit.

Cantilever Security Gates

Watchu Security supplies and installs cantilever gate systems for commercial and industrial areas, or bespoke residential applications across NZ.

Automated cantilever security gates are a highly popular option amongst our customers, as they share many of the same advantages of sliding gates with very few of the downsides. The hardware does, however, come at a higher price point.

Cantilever gates differ from traditional sliding gates in a couple of ways. The gate itself has a different structure to a traditional gate. In order for the gate to counterbalance, the gate requires an overhang to be built to the drive end of the gate. The gate is then suspended above the ground using a pair of wheeled carriages that must be bolted to a concrete pad at the drive end of the gate. A C-profile rail attached to the underside of the gate holds the gate to the carriages whilst ‘stops’ prevent the gate overrunning at the end of both the open and close cycle.

This design offers several immediate benefits:

  • Cantilever security gates are a fantastic option for sloped or driveways with water slopes.
  • They’re virtually silent, increasing their appeal for residential and commercial environments.
  • They don’t require nearly the same level of maintenance as sliding gates
  • Many of our customers – both residential and commercial – find them to be the most aesthetically appealing option
  • They’re frequently used for heavy-duty applications on commercial sites and industrial parks.

All of these benefits do come at the cost of a higher price tag than sliding gates, though, and since the overhang isn’t optional, it automatically disqualifies them as an option for some environments with limited space.

Due to the safety and efficiency of the gate motion these can be ran at higher speeds more reliably and safer than traditional sliding gates, along with other installation benefits due to no concrete beam required across driveway.

Sliding Security Gates

Watchu Security supplies and installs sliding gate systems mainly around residential and light commercial applications.

Electric sliding gates have wheels set in to angle iron at the base of the gate. These wheels have either a V or U groove profile and run along a track in the ground, which is either set in to the ground or bolted on. Toothed racking attached to the length of the rear of the gate connects to the motor at the drive end of the gate, creating a rack and pinion drive system.

What are the advantages of a sliding security gate?

  • The chief advantage of automated sliding gate is, since the gates don’t have an opening axis, they’re fantastic for areas where you might be limited on space – they’re often used on relatively small residential driveways, for example.
  • Due to their robust appearance, they’re also a great visual deterrent for potential intruders on your property.
  • As with underground gate kits, they’re highly resistant to tampering, and they present a particularly solid barrier to anyone looking to gain entry.
  • They are also cheaper than cantilever automated security gates, and share some of the same advantages, so they can be a good compromise if you decide the former might be slightly out of your price range.

It’s worth noting, however, that sliding gates do require regular maintenance. Since they run along a single track, this track needs to be kept clean and regularly cleared of debris, especially in high traffic and harsh conditions. If the automatic gate detects even a small object in its way as it slides along this track, the system will automatically stop the gate for safety purposes. They’re also relatively noisy, which is sometimes a concern for our residential customers.

It’s also important to bear in mind that if your driveway slopes to either side, for water or section shape, it is impossible to install a traditional sliding gate for three reasons. One is for safety – if the gate was to disengage with the motor, the gate could fall closed and crush a person. Another is that the strains placed upon the motor to move the gate up and down a slope would be far more than the motor would be able to handle. Also, your gate would be shaped to suit running down a slope and still be square with your catch and support posts.

Installation for ultimate outcome requires a perfectly level concrete beam across the drive and return section.

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